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If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Things you measure tend to improve.

Welcome to IBI Benchmarking 

IBI offers comprehensive benchmarking services for European pension funds, by obtaining coherent cost and performance data, directly from investment managers.


With advanced data collection, analytics, and reporting capabilities, IBI empowers clients to make informed decisions, enhance transparency, and optimise their investment strategies to obtain maximum value for money.

​At IBI, our commitment lies in offering robust investment performance and cost benchmarking services, empowering pension fund board members to effectively oversee their entrusted assets. ​

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.


​IBI provides European Pension Funds (IORPs) with systematic, actionable cost benchmarking insights vis-à-vis the best-in-class performance, processes and methods of its peers.


A transparent and comprehensive view of all costs and charges is essential for IORPs, social partners and supervisors to assess the value for money and affordability of occupational pension schemes.

Data-Driven Governance

Cost benchmarking underpins good governance for pension funds, enabling assessment of efficiency, value, and transparency. It enhances oversight based on data, verifies service providers, and promotes trust through informed decision-making


The goal of benchmarking is to improve the understanding of processes, to strengthen performance, provide actionable cost benchmarking insights to obtain maximum value for money.

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IBI specialises in comprehensive data-collection services, gathering essential cost and performance data directly from investment managers on behalf of pension funds, ensuring accurate and reliable information for analysis.


Benchmarking & Reporting

IBI offers industry-leading benchmarking and reporting solutions, leveraging collected data to provide pension funds with transparent insights into their cost structures, risk profiles, and performance relative to peers.


Analytics & Insights

IBI's analytics and insights services deliver in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence to pension funds, enabling them to make informed decisions based on a deep understanding of their cost dynamics, performance drivers, and areas for improvement.


Data-Driven Governance

In every industry, cost benchmarking lies at the heart of good governance.


Cost benchmarking plays a pivotal role at the heart of good governance, providing pension funds with a mechanism to assess the efficiency and value for money in their operations. It goes beyond mere cost analysis; it serves as a critical oversight tool, verifying the work of service providers hired by pension funds. 

By implementing robust cost benchmarking practices, pension funds gain transparency into their cost structures, enabling informed decision-making, optimizing performance, and ensuring accountability to members and stakeholders. 



Find out what others are doing in your industry.

Find out what your current performance is vis-à-vis your peers, your industry and are you below or above that mark. 

Identify and understand the gap in performance to peers and work out how you close the gap and improve.

Why Benchmarking

Benchmarking is recognised as being one of the best management and governance tools to measure performance.  

Key Metrics for Evaluating Performance

Unlocking Insights: Key Metrics for Evaluating Pension Fund Performance 

Evaluating pension fund performance requires analyzing key metrics such as return on investment, risk-adjusted returns, asset allocation, expense ratios, and contribution levels. These metrics help gauge the fund's ability to generate returns while managing risks and maintaining cost efficiency.

Evaluating pension fund performance requires an in-depth analysis of key metrics that provide valuable insights into the fund's effectiveness. T

By considering key metrics in evaluating pension fund performance, stakeholders can gain a comprehensive understanding of investment outcomes and make data-driven decisions to enhance returns, manage risks, and achieve long-term financial goals.


Peer comparison is a valuable tool in pension fund performance benchmarking, enabling funds to assess their relative performance within a peer group. 

Peer comparison provides pension funds with valuable insights into their relative performance and helps identify areas for improvement. By leveraging peer data effectively, funds can enhance their competitiveness and align their investment strategies with industry best practices.

Peer Comparison

Power of Peers: Leveraging Peer Comparison in Pension Fund Performance Benchmarking

Pension Fund Performance Benchmarking

The Significance of Pension Fund Performance Benchmarking for Financial Success 


Pension fund performance benchmarking serves as a critical tool for evaluating investment outcomes and assessing the effectiveness of fund managers. 

Pension fund performance benchmarking is crucial for assessing investment outcomes and evaluating fund managers' performance. It provides a standardized yardstick to measure success, identify underperforming areas, and drive improvements.

By utilizing benchmarking strategies effectively, pension funds can make informed decisions, enhance performance, and ensure long-term viability.


Technology plays a pivotal role in modern pension fund performance benchmarking, enabling efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting. 

By embracing technology, pension funds can streamline their benchmarking processes, improve data accuracy, and gain valuable insights for better decision-making. Technology-driven benchmarking empowers pension funds to optimize performance, mitigate risks, and drive successful outcomes for their members.

The Role of Technology

Harnessing Technology: Empowering Pension Fund Performance Benchmarking

Best Practices

Setting the Bar: Best Practices in Pension Fund Performance Benchmarking 

Best practices in pension fund performance benchmarking involve selecting appropriate benchmarks, ensuring data accuracy, regular monitoring and reporting, conducting peer analysis, and incorporating feedback into investment strategies.

Implementing best practices in pension fund performance benchmarking leads to more accurate assessments, informed decision-making, and improved investment outcomes. By following these practices, pension funds can enhance their performance evaluation processes and drive continuous improvement.

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