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IBI has, commencing in 2013, established itself as the leading provider of investment cost benchmarking services in Europe. Its solution design for asset management and pension administration cost benchmarking is recognised as best in class, and the framework for cost transparency. 

Leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge data collection tools, we provide transparent reports that align with regulatory standards. 

Our ultimate aim is to enhance the comprehension of investment processes and optimise net performance to ensure maximum value for money.


As a trusted partner, we strive to enable pension funds to leverage benchmarking as a tool for informed decision-making, ultimately helping our clients achieve their long-term financial objectives.

IBI has developed its approach in collaboration with leading pension funds in the Netherlands. From this, IBI possesses the level of trust and recognition that has established its approach as the pre-eminent standard utilised by the largest pension funds (IORPs) in the country.

These providers used it to demonstrate and underscore best practice in cost transparency to trustees, their members and the regulator. 



IBI has been benchmarking asset management and administration costs for its Dutch pension fund clients since 2013. Over the past 10 years, IBI’s client base has steadily grown to 74 Dutch pension funds. These 74 funds represent the pensions of 13.6 million members in the Netherlands, or 71% of total pension fund membership in the Netherlands and represent € 1052 billion or 71% of total Dutch pension fund assets.

Facts and figures for IBI Institutional Benchmarking Institute for past 10 years


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