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More information on features and services 


Data Collection Features

Streamlined Data Collection

Our online service offers a seamless and user-friendly interface for pension funds to collect data from various service providers, including asset managers, fund managers, fiduciary managers, and custodians.

Uniform Data Definition

 Through pre-set templates and automated processes, our service ensures that data collection follows uniform standards, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy across different providers.

Automation & Machine Learning

Leveraging advanced technologies, such as automation and machine learning, our service automates data collection processes, minimising manual efforts and improving efficiency.

Real-time Progress Monitoring

With an intuitive dashboard, pension funds can easily monitor the progress of data collection in real-time, gaining transparency and control over the process.

Collaborative Task Management

Our platform enables efficient delegation of tasks and inquiries within the questionnaire, facilitating seamless collaboration among stakeholders and ensuring easy access to the required data.


Benchmarking & Reporting Features

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Our benchmarking and reporting service includes a thorough analysis of cost and performance data, providing a holistic view of the organisation's standing in comparison to industry peers.

Peer Benchmarking

We benchmark our clients' cost and performance metrics against relevant peer groups, offering valuable insights and comparisons to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Actionable Insights

Our reports provide systematic and actionable insights, enabling organisations to make informed decisions and implement strategies that drive performance improvement.

Customised Reporting

We offer customised reporting tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the information provided is relevant, insightful, and aligns with their objectives.

Cost Efficiency Analysis

Our benchmarking service evaluates cost efficiency, helping organisations identify potential cost-saving opportunities and optimise their resource allocation.

Performance Evaluation

We assess performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of activities and processes, providing organisations with a clear understanding of their performance in comparison to industry benchmarks.

Visualisation and Graphics

Our reports utilise visualisations and graphics to present data in a clear and engaging manner, facilitating easy comprehension and interpretation of benchmarking results.


Industry Best Practices

Our benchmarking service incorporates industry best practices, providing organisations with insights into how top performers achieve their success and helping them align their strategies accordingly.


Analytics & Insights Features

In-depth Analysis

Our Analytics & Insights service provides thorough and comprehensive analysis of benchmarking reports, offering a deep understanding of cost dynamics and performance drivers.

Tailor-Made Action Points

We assist pension fund board members in generating customised and actionable recommendations based on the analysis of benchmarking outcomes, ensuring alignment with their specific goals and objectives.

External Advisory Role

As external advisors, we bring an unbiased perspective and expertise to the board, offering valuable insights and guidance for strategic decision-making.

Cost Management Optimisation

We identify areas of cost inefficiencies and provide recommendations for optimising cost management, helping pension funds achieve greater financial sustainability.

Performance Enhancement Strategies

Our service uncovers performance drivers and highlights areas for improvement, enabling the board to implement strategies that enhance investment performance and overall fund outcomes.

Strategic Recommendations

Based on our deep analysis, we offer strategic recommendations that align with the fund's long-term objectives, helping board members make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes.

Actionable Intelligence

We deliver actionable intelligence by translating complex data into clear and actionable insights, providing board members with the information they need to drive meaningful change.

Risk Assessment

Our Analytics & Insights service includes a comprehensive assessment of risk factors, helping boards evaluate and mitigate potential risks that may impact fund performance.

Performance Monitoring

We provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators, enabling boards to track progress and make data-driven adjustments as needed.


Long-term Value Creation

Through our Analytics & Insights service, we support pension fund boards in creating long-term value by optimising costs, enhancing performance, and ensuring the fund's sustainability and success for beneficiaries.

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