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IBI TrustCheck

Validation & Verification Reports

IBI TrustCheck logo. Validation and Verifications for Asset Managers, Investors and Service Providors
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Relationship between investor, asset manager and service provider

The Trust Issue

Verification / Validation of Service Providers, Regulatory and Public Records has become repetitive, inefficient – and costly.​

Managers / GPs consistently tell us that most of these SP requests overlap and duplicate. ​

Yet each different spreadsheet or online questionnaire takes your IR team hours to complete.

The Problem

Multiple investors asking for the same information, but in slightly different ways, simply adds complexity and expense. More problematic still is that this delays the investment process for all sides.​

This is also a drain on time and resources on your service providers; having to verify their information for multiple investors and potential investors. ​

This has to be completed regardless of whether they decide to allocate to your fund or not.

multiple Relationships between investor, asset manager and service provider
IBI TrustCheck shield with question mark

The Question

What if there was a better way that:​

  • Frees up your IR team: Eliminate 90% of redundant tasks with automated verification.​

  • Offers investor-trusted validation: IBI TrustCheck delivers independently verified reports backed by extensive anti-fraud checks.​

  • Showcases your commitment to transparency: Demonstrate best practices with streamlined verification processes.​

  • Boosts efficiency: Respond to investor demand for faster due diligence with our proven technology and process.​

  • Increase investor confidence and facilitate a swifter allocation process. 

The Solution

The IBI TrustCheck
Validation & Verification report​

Elegant and Efficient:

  • Have one verified source of truth available to supply to all your investor enquiries to cover the verification and validation portion of the due diligence process.​

  • Make it available in your data room or email it directly.

  • Create the document once and re-use over and over with all of your inbound investor enquiries​

  • We keep it brief and to the point – just what you need, no added filler to create an unnecessarily long report!

IBI TrustCheck validation and verification report in action
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The Report

We cover: ​

  • Service Provider Verfication (administrator, bank / custodian / PB, directors, compliance consultant)​

  • Incorporation Records​

  • Regulatory Databases​

Everyone in our industry - managers, investors, and service providers alike - stands to gain from shielding ourselves from the harm a few fraudulent firms inflict.


Additionally, smoother due diligence processes benefit everyone by speeding up the capital flow.

The Suite

The IBI TrustCheck Validation & Verification report​ is part of our suite of products to assist Asset Managers to become best-in-class with information to assist their performance and cost assessments with reporting, analysis and benchmarking tools.


Additional services include CostCheck and ValueCheck. Ask for more details.

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About IBI

IBI (Institutional Benchmarking Institute) has been supporting Institutional Investors and Asset Managers since 2013.​

We offer expertise to our clients in several areas:​

  • data collection, ​

  • benchmarking & reporting, ​

  • analytics and insights ​

  • verification & validation​

IBI empowers clients to make informed decisions, enhance transparency, and optimise their investment strategies to obtain maximum value for money.​

Based in The Netherlands, IBI has a well-respected pedigree in the industry. Among other achievements:​

  • IBI's founders played a pivotal role as co-designers and co-authors of the Dutch cost transparency and reporting model in 2012 ​

  • IBI holds the position of a member within the 'Consultative Expert Group on Costs and Past Performance for EIOPA.' ​This involvement contributed to the 2021 EIOPA report titled 'Opinion on the supervisory reporting of costs and charges of IORPs' ​

  • IBI has a system and process in place with a proven track record trusted and used by 75% of NL IORPs


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