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Participation in IBI Benchmarking is open to all European pension funds. The costs for participation depend on the size of your pension fund and are calculated based on the number of participants at the end of 2022, as defined by the Pension Federation. The costs are €0.99 per participant per year, with a minimum of €7,500 and a maximum of €15,000 per fund. This amount also includes an explanation of the results to the board by IBI, together with Ernst & Young Actuarissen.

Participate in IBI Benchmarking

Select the participation plan that suits you

  • Data Collection

    +€ 2.500 Onboarding Fee
    IORPs with AUM upto € 500mio
    1 jaar geldig
    • Cost data collection using automated data collection digital
    • Cost and performance data directly from asset managers in li
    • Cost-effective, demands minimal IORP involvement, maintains
  • Data Collection & Reporting

    +€ 2.500 Onboarding
    IORPs with AUM upto € 500mio
    1 jaar geldig
    • Anonymized EIOPA-Compliant Reporting that safeguard IORP's s
    • Providing practical data for NCAs and other supervisors to f
    • Customized reporting tailored to the specific needs of each
  • Data Collection & Reporting & Insight

    +€ 2.500 Onboarding Fee
    IORPs with AUM upto € 500mio
    1 jaar geldig
    • Analytics and insights services deliver in-depth analysis an
    • Deep understanding of the cost dynamics
    • Improve understanding of processes, strengthen performance
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